Dewatering Systems

Dewatering machines remove liquid from full bottles or containers.
The bottles/containers are pierced or shredded in the hopper and solid material is removed via an auger, allowing the liquid content to be drained to a zump or pumped to a location.

There are many different systems available from 100 bottles to thousands per hour.

Solid material can be baled for sale after.
There is also a full range of plastic and wood shredders available.


 Industrial shredders for plastic and wood.

Industrial shredders can be used for shredding large amounts of paper, plastic, wood even general waste.

High-torque, low-speed and double-shaft machines that can make the best chippers materials that require volume reduction. Can be used in almost all types of solid waste management framework. Due to the rotation of the blades at low engine speed to obtain a high return effect.

Major Fields of Use:

Paper shredders.

From 3 sheets at a time to entire phone books, we have a range of paper shredders to suit any need. If you have a build up/backlog of documents to dispose, we can also offer a shredding service. Contact us to find out more


Portable and static compactors tailored to site with options of binlifts and conveyors.

Make waste management easy with a Static Compactor

Portable Waste Compactor are used for the on-site commercial waste compression of materials. The extending ram in the Static Compactor compresses the waste in containers. The equation is simple – the less space your waste takes up, the fewer bins or skips it fills, and the less it will cost you to have it collected for disposal. Shrinking the volume of waste you dispose of will not only save your business money and improve your work environment, it’s also good for the environment in general with less land-fill space being used by compressed waste and less collections by trucks. Our extensive range of Static Compactors means that we have the ideal type of Cardboard, Plastic, Wet Waste or Waste Compactor for any business, big or small.


Portable Compactors can be supplied in either chain-lift or roll-on/roll-off (skip lift) formats, to suit your transport requirements and with integrated or external bin lifts. With compaction ratios of around 5:1 a portable compactor can hold much more waste than a standard skip, meaning fewer collections for the waste to be disposed. Mobile Compactors for waste management in any working environment. Portable Compactors were traditionally used for general waste which is sent to landfill.

With compaction ratios of around 5:1 a portable compactor can hold much more waste than a standard skip, meaning fewer collections for the waste to be disposed.

Nowadays they are increasingly used for recyclable materials such as plastics and cardboard. Many recyclers will accept compacted cardboard as readily as baled card. Once full (indicated by a full or three-quarters-full warning light) the Portable Compactor is simply collected, taken away to be emptied, and returned to site. Supplied in a range of sizes and formats, our top quality compactors are rugged and reliable and will provide you with many years of first class service.

Portable Compactors are a highly efficient alternative to using skips for general waste. We stock all sizes of portable compactors which are characterised by extremely high compaction and easy emptying.


Compacted waste collection costs
Improved waste management system
Low maintenance, long-lasting designs and components
Models to suit low and high volumes of waste

If you are looking for shredding large amounts of paper, plastic, wood even general waste, click here for  Industrial shredders.


Book a full waste audit and start getting paid for your recyclable waste Cardboard, paper, plastics. Compact the cost of your general waste by segregating correctly. There is very little that cannot be recycled, greatly compacting your carbon footprint.

Most companies spend money on expensive skips and uplifts. Compact can organise a baler/compactor and purchase of your baled/compacted recyclable waste.

We can also compact the cost of your general waste, achieving a zero to landfill with the vast amount of our customers.



Compact Your Costs with Industrial Plastic and Cardboard Bales For Rent Across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Nationwide

Compact are Irelands leading supplier of plastic and cardboard baler machines perfect for reducing space and lowering carbon emissions within your business. Do you operate a business that relies on increased cardboard usage? Do you have excessive use of plastic and need a method to maximise space, save time and improve environmental efficiency? Look no further than compact. Plastic and cardboard waste is a growing problem for businesses across Ireland and many people cannot avoid the issue due to the nature of their business.

Compact are proud to supply our customers with the very best quality in plastic and cardboard balers. Whatever size and specifications you need, we can help. Our range of top-quality balers have been designed and built to handle any situation, ensuring your cardboard, plastic, PET, paper, and other recyclable items are all sorted accordingly, and pressed tightly into a compact size. Compacting waste with cardboard balers makes it much more manageable and easier to dispose of; so much so that we can organise the purchase of baled cardboard and plastic bales.

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We specialise in cardboard baler machines and plastic recycling baler machines across Ireland and Northern Ireland. We offer our high quality, professional balers for sale and rent and facilitate deals to sell your cardboard and plastic waste. Turn your cardboard baler waste into a revenue with us today.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so for a plastic & cardboard baler that’s suited to your specific needs call us on 01 503 8241 and we can organise a site visit and waste audit. If you’d rather send us an email or an online enquiry, that’s no problem we will get back to you and ensure you get the right machine for the right job.

How Can The Right Cardboard Baler Help Your Business?

A recycling compactor for plastic and cardboard helps businesses to overhaul their recycling operations by providing several key benefits. These include:

Where waste throughput is higher and a continuous or semi-continuous production of bales is required, a horizontal baler is the answer. These machines have the rams mounted horizontally and are often fed by a conveyor. The whole process can be fully automatic if desired. Compact can offer a one roof solution to not only provide significant savings on time, labour, and resources, we also turn your cardboard baler waste into an extra revenue stream. If you require a cardboard baler across Ireland for your business, contact us and compact your costs today. We have a wide range of cardboard balers for sale, to purchase and rent. If you want to know more about our horizontal and vertical cardboard balers or what we can do for your business please contact us.

Know more about portable compactors and static compactors.